I am going to create a list of the important things in the different literature books I am currently reading and what strikes me the most about them.


  • Shepherds Calendar – Spenser suggests using emotions to write, and that without love, the writing would not be as good because we must experience in order to write.
  • Faerie Queene- Trial creates purity.


  • Lycadis- There is no one way to comfort people. They will get over it in their own time, and there is nothing else you can do about it.
  • Comus- Even when the body has failed to remain pure, the intent of the mind can create a strength which allows purity to survive.
  • Areopagitica- Liberty: Without permission to challenge and explore the world around us, there is no liberty.

Short Stories

  • Oedipus- Tragic Hero: Noble Birth, Held in High Regard, Fatal Flaw leads to destruction,
  • The German Refugee- Struggles with language, identity, belief, and expression of self during World War II- Bernard Malamud
  • The Whipping- Struggles of African Americans after slavery during and before the great depression, prejudices and misconception- Marita Bonner
  • Seventeen Syllables- Identity struggles for Japanese American woman gaining independence and value of the old life- Hisaye Yamamoto


  • Odyssey – Epic: Epithets, Invocation, Epic Inventory, Formal Speech, Decent into the Underworld, Long Vast Journey
  • Clouds- Comedy is from the upheaval of society’s conventions.
  • Lysistrata- The only thing women could control in society is consecrating marriage


  • Horace’s Satires- Poets are not people who use every day language, but have an elegant use of language


  • Spoken word comes before written word
  • People group sounds with similar sounds and change when to use which sound, even with the same letter. ‘ee-ther’ vs ‘eye-ther’
  • J was introduced later than Spenser
  • French introduced silent E
  • “Inventing the University”, David Bartholomae: “A writer, in other words, loses his primacy at the moment of writing and must begin to attend to his and his words’ conventional, even physical presence on the page.”



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