NaPo Day 3-5

Where am i?

Rest on borrowed pillows
beneath gifted blankets
in a house which is too expensive,
behind windows with broken seals
and with nothing to own but
that which is given freely.

An employee of the system
self-promotion, negotiation
a debt which negates wages
any wages
what wages can you spare?
Not begging, but taking anything
nothing, a ten, a twenty,
it always seems too much

This is the existence in which i live.
Last in the syntactic order
above only shame as somehow
there is a positive face i steal.


Break fast across my tempting plate
a moment too soon for my stomach
to be ruled by my brain. A second
later and the guilt guts me like a fish.

The melting, gooey, sweet, liquefying satisfaction
bites at my desire and satiates it. Yes, this is guilty making.

Thanks a lot Easter.

In the Barn

I was working with this little filly, a sweet-heart if every I knew one
and this day she just did not want to work.
I had to use the lunge whip and a plastic bag just to get her moving
then she was constantly turning in and trying to spook.

I think she finally talked to the bullheaded gelding next door
because she was trying to buck the saddle off like he’d done yesterday.
She doesn’t quite have his lung capacity though
and the martingale made it harder on her.

Now she’s acting more like a warm blooded than her typical self
but I’m sure she’ll get over it after a couple half passes
as long as I can keep her on the vertical.
I’m going to have fun today.


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