Was it Something I Said

One of my professors asked me if I was walking in graduation. I’m graduating this May. I replied with this:

I actually feel really attached to that sort of ceremony because it just finalizes things for me and makes me feel more like, united with the world. I don’t know if that seems odd, but it makes me feel good to know that I’m not alone, that I’m a face in the collection and we did it together, even if we didn’t do it literally together, but like, we all managed to get through this journey together in our own unique ways, sort of like going into a dark forest, sometimes spying silhouettes of our neighbors who walk not ten feet away, but we rarely see their faces. Sometimes we grasp hands, sometimes we have leaders or paths paved, but a lot of it is unmarked, overgrown, and we might just have thickets to contend with. Coming out the other side, walking with everyone, seeing all the faces that were in that forest with you, it really fills me with relief. Especially since I can walk with honors. To me that just adds an element of justification, like what I did, I did well, and doing it well matters. So often you hear that it doesn’t matter how good your grades were in school once you get a job, but there, walking, it does. I didn’t just come out the other side, but for my wounds and scrapes, I achieved too.

I’m saving it because she liked it.


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