Page 997: “For this is not the liberty which wee can hope, that no grievance ever should arise in the Commonwealth, that let no man in this World expect; but when complaints are freely heard, deeply consider’d, and speedily form’d, then is the utmost bound of civill liberty attain’d that wise man looke for.”

To me this is really saying that the freest world is one which allows people to complain and be heard. Liberty requires freedom in order to allow all sides of the conversation to be expressed. If people cannot complain, discuss, and be heard, then the society is not one which will attract the intelligent minds of the world. We as a society should not fear people complaining because of this. Today this goes back to what we talked about on Thursday, how people in the Christian University were not encourage to ask questions. Also the government today is trying to create dangerous laws that can detain people for seemingly supporting terrorists with military force. Luckily, we have a system which contains enough checks and balances that we are not completely moving into that era of control via fear just yet, however fear of terrorists has diminished quite a few of our liberties, such as being able to say gun in a movie theater or bomb in an airport just because we fear being prosecuted for our word choice.


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